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Connect with nature and live Patagonia with our activities

Horseback riding

We invite you to live true Patagonia experience  with our horseback rides on the banks of the Penitente river. All of them begin at the farm's stable, where basic safety instructions are given to start our adventure. The tour will take you across the Penitente river where you will be able to enjoy the charasteristic flora and fauna of the southernmost region of the world. It is usual to see foxes, rheas, caranchos and also condors. In addition, curious lamas will join us part of the way. Upstream and from the top of the mountains, you will appreciate a privileged view of the valley of Penitente river, the estancia, and the precious nature that it is immersed.

Recreational fishing

Just a few steps from the inn, you will find Penitente River, where you can enjoy the experience of "catch and release" fly fishing. The river is born in Chile at the skirt of the Penitente hill, Cordillera Vidal, and ends in Argentina, at the Río Gallegos, flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The structure of the river presents series of bends that together with its low depth, provides the suitable habitat for brown trouts, and also searuns that are more likely to find at the late season.  The river, surrounded by mountains covered in native vegetation, such as ñirre and lenga forests, the livestock facilities and the late nineteenth-century homes combine to make a truly magestic and authentic experience.

We have programs with different difficulty levels and durations to give a unique experience to our visitors. For more information and reservations, write us through our website or directly to

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